Introduction Sanitary Napkin

  • Structure and application of sanitary napkins.
    Sanitary napkins are disposable sanitary products with good absorbency that are used by women during menstruation. The main materials are cotton, non-woven fabrics, paper pulp or polymer composite paper formed by the above material composites. The side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage, and is divided into surface layer, absorbent layer from the inside to the outside. There are three layers of core and bottom layer. When using, first tear off the middle paper tape, stick the glued side to the middle of the underwear first, and align the two "ears" with the narrowest part of the crotch and stick it firmly.
    Since sanitary napkins are widely used in daily life and are in close contact with the human body, their quality directly affects the health of consumers and is one of the important consumer goods.
  • Material selection.
    During women's menstruation, the skin in sensitive areas is most susceptible to damage. Some women will feel local skin itching and burning during menstruation, so it is important to choose the right sanitary napkin. According to the structure of the sanitary napkin, the materials and functions of the surface layer, absorption layer and bottom layer should be considered when selecting: First, the surface layer is preferably a dry mesh funnel-shaped surface layer. The dry surface layer can protect the local skin from moisture. , the funnel-shaped design is better than the barrel-shaped design, and the penetrated liquid is not easy to flow back, but if you feel uncomfortable with the mesh surface, a softer cotton sanitary napkin may be more suitable to use; secondly, the absorption layer is breathable and contains high-efficiency gelatin The sanitary napkin containing a high-efficiency gelling layer can condense the penetrating liquid into a gel shape, which will not seep back after being pressed, and the surface will not have a sticky feeling; thirdly, the bottom layer should be made of breathable materials, which can It allows gaseous water molecules to pass smoothly, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating moisture in time, effectively reducing the moisture and stuffiness between the sanitary napkin and the body, and maintaining a dry and fresh feeling.