Introduction Period Panties

  • What are period panties?
    Period panties is underwear suitable for women to wear during menstruation. It has an elastic band extending from the crotch of the underwear to the back waist, which can effectively prevent side leakage. It not only maintains breathability, but also maintains the hygiene of menstrual underwear to the greatest extent, avoids damage to the skin caused by stuffy heat, gives women special care during their special period, and makes women's menstrual life easier, more convenient and healthier. During menstruation, every woman will have a common worry. During the day, she is always worried about minor troubles. She will wake up in the middle of the night and be afraid of leakage. When walking, she does not dare to take long steps and does not dare to turn over when sleeping. At this time, women You can choose to wear women’s period panties.
  • Advantages of period panties.
    1. Anti-leak
    2. Comfortable and easy to wear
    3. Skin feels clean and breathable
    4. Easy to move
    Due to the special nature of menstrual period panties, the fabric of menstrual period panties has strong requirements. It must have good hygroscopicity, breathability, softness and comfort, hygiene, and functions such as lengthening and anti-leakage layer.
    The average woman's menstrual cycle ranges from 12 to 51 years old, which means that she will have her menstrual period for more than 2,300 days in her life. Period panties can make women more hygienic and more comfortable to spend their menstrual period.