Introduction Adult Diapers

  • Why use adult diapers?
    Adult diapers are disposable diapers for incontinence and one of the adult care products. They are disposable diapers mainly suitable for adults with incontinence. Most products come in sheet form when purchased and become shorts-shaped after wearing. Use adhesive strips to connect into a pair of shorts. The adhesive sheet also has the function of adjusting the size of the waistband to suit different fat and thin body shapes.
    Usually, the structure of diapers is divided into three layers from the inside to the outside. The inner layer is close to the skin and made of non-woven fabric; the middle layer is water-absorbent fluff pulp with polymer water-absorbing agent added; and the outer layer is an impermeable plastic film.
  • What are the characteristics of adult diapers?
    Provide professional leakage protection for people with different levels of incontinence, allowing people suffering from urinary incontinence to enjoy a normal and energetic life.
    1. Easy to put on and take off like real underwear, comfortable and comfortable.
    2. The unique funnel-type super instant suction system can absorb urine for up to 5 to 6 hours, while the surface remains dry.
    3. 360-degree elastic and breathable waist, close-fitting and comfortable, and unrestricted movement.
    4. The absorption layer contains odor-suppressing factors to suppress embarrassing odors and keep you fresh at all times.
    5. Soft elastic leak-proof partition, comfortable and leak-proof.