Why do babies need to wear diapers?

There are many reasons why babies wear diapers. First, diapers are more convenient than traditional cloth diapers because they are easier to change and clean and are less likely to retain urine odor. Secondly, diapers provide better protection from moisture and urine staining clothing and sheets. Diapers can also prevent urine from irritating the baby's skin, and Quanzhou Shanying's diapers also provide additional protection, such as antibacterial agents and anti-sensitivity agents. In addition, diapers have good breathability, which can ensure that the baby's skin is dry and comfortable. Therefore, diapers are an important item in a baby's life, providing comfort, protection and convenience to the baby.
The reasons why babies need to wear diapers are:
1. Protect baby's butt: The design structure of diapers can effectively absorb stains and protect baby's butt from external contamination.
2. Prevent wetting: Wearing diapers for your baby can effectively prevent wetting, protect the baby's skin, and protect the baby's clothes from contamination.
3. Warm care: Diapers are designed with a warm protective layer, which can effectively keep warm, prevent baby allergies, and reduce baby cold.
4. No need to change diapers for the baby: Wearing diapers saves the baby from the trouble of changing diapers every hour. The baby can feel the mother's warmth and care, which is very helpful for the baby's psychological development.

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