What is the main structure of diapers?

In order to buy a suitable diaper, we must first have a certain understanding of the structure of diapers. Diapers usually consist of 4 parts.

Surface layer: As the part in direct contact with the human body, the materials used must be dry, comfortable, soft and have good hydrophilicity, so as to ensure that urine can penetrate quickly and the contact time with the skin is short. The order of surface material comfort from best to worst is: cotton soft nonwoven fabric, hot air nonwoven fabric, hot rolled nonwoven fabric, etc.

The main function of the diversion layer is to help the liquid to be quickly transferred from the surface layer to the absorbent core layer and spread vertically to prevent the diaper from becoming locally thickened due to concentrated absorption of liquid and hindering subsequent urine absorption. Usually composed of special nonwoven materials.

Absorbent core layer: It is the most important component of diapers. The material is required to have large water absorption and strong water-locking functions. The material is usually composed of a mixture of fluff pulp and SPA. The fluff pulp is a high-grade water-absorbent pulp. In the absorbent core layer It mainly plays the role of a transportation pipeline. SPA is a special polymer material that can absorb water hundreds to thousands times its own mass. It can effectively reduce the thickness of diapers while ensuring water absorption and water storage functions, making diapers lighter, thinner and more comfortable.

Bottom layer: mainly prevents liquid leakage. The material properties from best to worst are: PE film, composite breathable cotton soft bottom film, non-woven fabric/PE film composite, PE perforated film, silk breathable bottom film.
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