How to choose adult diapers?

When choosing diapers, you should compare the appearance of the diapers and choose the right diaper, so that the diaper can play the role it should play.
1: It must fit the body shape of the person wearing it. In particular, the elastic grooves on the legs and waist should not be too tight, otherwise the skin will be injured. The sizes of diapers are sometimes not necessarily exactly the same and may vary from manufacturer to brand. It is recommended to refer to the number marked on the outside of the package.
2: Leak-proof design can prevent urine from leaking out. Adults have a lot of urine. Choosing diapers with leak-proof design, that is, the ruffles on the inner thighs and the anti-leak ruffles on the waist, can effectively prevent leakage when the amount of urine is excessive.
3: The adhesive function is better. The adhesive tape should be able to fit tightly into the diaper during use, and can be re-attached after unfastening the diaper. Even if the patient changes positions in and out of the wheelchair, it will not loosen or fall off.

When using diapers, you must consider the particularity of individual skin sensitivity differences. After choosing a diaper of the appropriate size, you should also consider the following aspects:
1: Diapers should be soft, non-allergenic, and contain skin care ingredients.
2: Diapers must have super absorbency.
3: Choose diapers with high breathability. When the ambient temperature increases, it is difficult to control the temperature of the skin. If moisture and heat cannot be properly released, heat rash and diaper rash can easily occur.

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