How often should diapers be changed? Stop hurting the baby!

The invention of diapers can be said to have liberated mothers, giving them more time to rest and sleep, and eliminating the tedious task of washing diapers every day.
Although diapers have a strong water absorption function and do not need to be changed as frequently as diapers, they cannot be left unchanged for a long time or wait until the urine is full before changing.
Doing this is a trick! If diapers are not changed for a long time, bacteria will breed and affect your baby's skin health.

What are the consequences of not changing diapers for a long time?

01 Causes baby’s butt to be red
Proper use of diapers will not cause the baby's buttocks to become red. However, if used for a long time without changing, the diapers will become full of urine and become very wet. The baby's buttocks will be stuck to the wet diapers and will be easily irritated by the urine. Causes red PP, which is diaper rash. It is also easy to breed bacteria and cause infection.

02 Easy to leak urine
If the baby wears the diaper for a long time, and the urine output is relatively large, causing the diaper to be saturated, and then peeing at this time, the absorbency of the diaper will be relatively poor, and urine leakage will easily occur.

03 Causes the precipitation of water-absorbing substances
There is water-absorbent material in the absorbent core layer of diapers, that is, polymer water-absorbent resin. If the baby wears diapers for too long and coupled with movement and friction, some of the water-absorbent material will easily precipitate and stick to the baby's buttocks.


How often is the best time to change diapers?

Under normal circumstances, newborn babies rarely store urine due to imperfect bladder development, so the baby urinates more frequently every day. Therefore, the mother needs to change the baby's diapers more frequently, about once every 2 hours;
As the baby's age increases, the bladder development tends to be perfect, and it can basically be changed once every 3-4 hours. If the baby is older, it can be changed every 4-6 hours. If the baby has a bowel movement, change the diaper immediately, regardless of age.
After the baby defecates, be sure to wash the baby's vagina with clean water to avoid excrement that cannot be wiped clean and irritate the baby's vagina.

How to grasp the time to change diapers?

There are some time points and signals to refer to.
After feeding: 15 to 30 minutes after each feeding, the baby's urine may be discharged;
Before going to bed: Before going to bed, check whether the baby's diapers are dry;
After waking up: After the baby wakes up, he usually urinates;
Before going out: Before taking your baby out, check it out.
Observe the baby's expression: Analyze whether the baby needs to poop and needs to change diapers by observing the baby's expression. When the baby suddenly becomes quiet while playing, or says "um um" in a daze, it usually means that he is about to start defecating.

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